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Change, the very sound of the word can make one cringe. The circumstances of our lives bombard us with change on a daily basis. Embracing the opportunities that change presents enhances personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. The beauty of change can be seen in the dawning of a new day, the change in seasons, the birth of a baby bird, and the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Please enjoy exploring my website to discover articles, resourses, and events that promote discovering growth though change.

Please explore my website to learn how working with a therapist can help you on your journey of change and discovery.

Gloria Martin, MA LPC-S LMFT-S
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Gloria has recently participated in a couple of podcast presentations. Listen in and get to know her style and spirit.

Glass Half Full
The Joy Factor

Gloria published:

Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy
Innovations in Clinical and Educational Interventions

Learning Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy: Four Clinicians’ Perspectives


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