I believe that anyone may encounter difficulty on life’s journey. Recognizing and making change can be challenging and difficult. Seeking support from a unbiased trained counselor helps individuals, couples, families, and systems positively and honestly embrace change and enhances optimal health.

My philosophy focuses on the whole person or system and discovering the strengths of each member of the family or system. Work and family relationships can become out of balance. Issues such as job stress, depression, grief, poor communication, children’s behavior problems, life-stage concerns, divorce, and/or step parenting affect our ability to function successfully. Awareness of the effect of the environment on the way family and system members interact is important in obtaining the best mental health possible.
I engage clients in finding solutions for their problems. Discovering answers that are within is accomplished by exploring our roles, our interactional patterns, our goals, our beliefs, and the rules governing our lives. As I listen deeply, validate, and acknowledge, I support my client’s quest for excellent health. Clients are able to objectively express, recognize, and solve their problems.