Coaching is a method to guide people towards specific changes, with less emphasis on and attending to psychological and emotional roadblocks. Coaching can help an individual to focus on a desired outcomes while honoring their own success, strengths, and competency. Some commonly identified differences between coaching and psychotherapy follow:

Psychotherapy Coaching
State-board governed Ungoverned/unregulated
More listening More direction/talking
Therapy relationship only Possible relationships outside of professional one
Emotional/Psychological concerns Goal refinement and future focus
Healing/recovery Life improvement
Client with possible diminished functioning Coachee generally high functioning
Client may feel stigmatized Coachee generally not stigmatized
Payment at appointment time Payment for multiple future appointments
More nuanced and slow Less in-depth and fast
Limited self-disclosure More self-disclosure
Special thanks to Adam D. Coffey, Ph.D. for allowing the use of this comparison table.

If you are interested in coaching please speak with Gloria in you opening session.